Transitions and new beginnings!

So here I am:

Graduating from seminary

Grad photo

Preparing for marriage

engaged hands

Looking for my first real full-time professional job


Luckily NOT moving (but rearranging after the wedding when my soon-to-be husband and his kitty join me and my cat in this little one-bedroom apartment)


It’s a time of change, but also of maintenance. It’s a time of excitement, but also of apprehension. It’s a time of moving forward, but also of looking back.


So what’s a girl to do?


For one thing, write lots of cover letters… not exactly my favorite thing. (But sometimes a little sangria helps :P)



RUN! I’ve decided to run at least one mile every day leading up to the wedding, counting down from 100 days out. It’s a fun little commitment! I love to run, and this gives me motivation to squeak in at least 10 minutes of it on even the busiest or grossest weather days. Plus, who doesn’t feel like they’ve connected with their inner Pocahontas a little bit as you run by flooded creeks through pouring rain?!? And if you ask me, any reason to be more my Pocahontas-self is good enough reason for me!


Hot yoga! Yay for good living social deals that let me get a good, sweaty stretch in without forking over all the cash I have! 😛



Pray! Even if sometimes it’s just a little sigh of thanks and sleepiness at the end of a long day.


Spend lots of time on the phone! I used to not like talking on the phone. At all. For real. I avoided it whenever possible. But living across the country from your family and several hours away from your fiancé certainly changes things! I’m extremely grateful to be able to hear the voices of those I love and their support, advice, funny stories, and random daily happenings from afar!




Cook yummy things! I find stress often leads to creativity for me, and this means tasty times in the kitchen :). Case in point: yesterday I got home from a run and immediately began making a rhubarb compote (from the leftover rhubarb after making a pie for my fiancé’s birthday!) to put on my greek yogurt for breakfast. (What can I say? Ideas come to me when I run, and running hungry means those ideas are about FOOD.)




Game plan? Keep on keepin’ on! Continue to reach out to those I love for support! Adventure! Explore! Embrace the unknowns and the possibilities therein! And share it all with you in this blog :).

So here we go!

Grace, peace, and rock and roll,



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