Ya gotta start somewhere

Caution: word dump ahead. Just prepare yourself! Can’t say I didn’t warn ya 😛

Let’s start with a confession– something it hasn’t taken me long to realize about myself. I am NOT someone who thrives in a desk job.

The problem?

You guessed it: I have a desk job.

I work at a small organization, made up of mostly part-time employees, none of whom are peers for me. I often find myself the only one in my office area. I also work efficiently, and I often find myself done with assigned tasks with hours in the office to kill.

I am an active, social, energetic person, and I spend most days on my butt, lonely and bored.

I know most 20-somethings don’t get their dream job right away.

And I’ve only worked here for 3 months!

And I do really appreciate the organization and the people I work with.

But I have to think– what do I do about the fact that I don’t feel satisfied in my work? That I don’t feel that my job fits who I am?

We spend most of our day at work– shouldn’t it be something that is life-giving to us, if we have that option?

What do you think? How soon is too soon to leave a job you don’t feel yourself in? How do you cope with a lack of interest at work?